Supplemental Building Rules

Note: Additional rules and regulations are contained in your lease.  
  1. Smoking is permitted in designated areas only. No smoking is permitted inside the building.
  2. Tenant shall not use the Leased Premises for the purposes of storing, manufacturing or selling any explosives, flammables or other inherently dangerous substance, chemical, thing or device.
  3. No vehicles may be stored on the property without expressed permission of landlord.
  4. Moving of heavy furniture, file cabinets or equipment requires a stair ramp. Tenants are responsible for damages caused by move-in or move-out.
Cleaning Service
Our cleaning service is provided by Gladys, who has been cleaning the building for over 20 years. Please be courteous to Gladys. We do not expect her to remove large boxes, equipment, or excessive trash from the building. Her primary job is to empty normal office trash, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and the lobby. The large trash dumpsters to the north of the building, maintained by ListenUp, are available to you if you have excessive trash. The white dumpster is for cardboard only. Large amounts of waste, construction trash, etc., will require special arrangements with a hauling service. Normally, Gladys will latch the lobby door in the evening at around 5:30 P.M. However, the last person to leave the building should check that the latch is engaged.
HVAC - Heating, Ventillation, and Air Conditioning
There are six HVAC units that provide heating and cooling for the building, one for the north side of the building and one for the south for each of the three floors. Each HVAC unit has a separate thermostat. These thermostats are activated by remote sensors in the suites. The thermostats are programmed to provide a constant year round temperature between 68 and 74 degrees. We recommend that you keep a thermometer in you suite to provide an objective gauge of HVAC operation. If you determine that the system is malfunctioning, contact the building superintendant. If Steve is unavailable and immediate attention is required, contact one of the other building managers. Tenants are prohibited from tampering with building thermostats.

Parking limits are established in the leases and are typically one space for each 250 sq feet of leased space. Additional parking can generally be provided for an additional fee. Vehicle storage (including regular overnight parking), and wheeled equipment storage can generally be provided for an additional fee. Otherwise, vehicle and equipment storage is not permitted. Regular vehicle sales are not permitted without special arrangement with the landlord. Parking spaces are unassigned and are provided on a first come/first served basis and vehicles should be removed each day, unless prior arrangements are made with the landlord. Vehicle maintenance is not permitted on the parking lot.